Natural Health Solutions within six pillars of wellness

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social & Environmental

Located in Lindale, Paraparaumu, with four treatment rooms, an Infrared Sauna and a classroom available for public hire.  We provide a wide range of natural services with a collective of client focused practitioners, who focus on the underlying root cause of dis’ease, not just the symptoms. 

RWC Reception

Inside Rezonate Wellness Centre

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Our Wide Range of Services

Wellness Checks;  Nutritional Food and Intolerance testing;  Supplement Testing;  Pain Relief;  Mental Health Services;  Massage;  Body Therapies;  Beauty Treatments;  Stress & Emotional Management;  Soul Services;  Classes;  Workshops, and an Infrared Sauna within a private room.

With concession cards, gift cards, we can also create packages tailored to you for a Wellness Day treat. 


We will be offering Online & Distant services only from Friday 3rd to Monday 12th December.

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Online and Distant Services

We offer the following online and distant services, wherever you are in the world.

Lymphatic Clearing;  Vibration, Sound & Frequency;  Energy Psychology/EFT;  Shamanic Healing;  Dimensional Healing; Reiki/Energy Healing ; Animal Communication;  Soul Guidance;  Metaphysical Medicine;  Galactic Activations and Soul Code Alignment

Please Note:  Payment must be received prior to these appointments taking place

Emotional First Aid – Self Help series.  Counting down our Top 5 techniques to help with worry, stress and anxiety during these challenging times.

Connect with the collective conscious within this meditation using sound, frequency & vibration to send healing out to all humanity.

Upcoming Events

Discover our regular and one-off events that are continually being added to. 

If you would like to host and promote your event with us, get in touch

Our Wellness Library

We have approx. 200 pre-loved books, DVD, Oracle Cards, and Video’s in our Wellness Centre Library.

Browse our library by clicking on one of the images below.  To reserve a title you will need to create a log-in and let us know when you would like to pick it up.  We allow one title per person.

Titles are available to loan for 2 weeks. We do ask for prompt return though please, as we only have one of each title, and others may be wanting to borrow it. 

We are also open to receiving your pre-loved Wellness titles and giving them a home in our library if you no longer need them. Pop by and drop them off to us and let someone else enjoy them.

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