Natural Health Solutions within six pillars of wellness

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social & Environmental

Providing a wide range of natural services within a  proactive and integrated medicine approach.  

We work with you to identify, and help to resolve, the root cause of dis*ease or distress, not just the symptoms.

Located in Lindale Village, Kapiti, with four treatment rooms, an Infrared Sauna and a classroom available for public hire.

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Inside Rezonate Wellness Centre

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Our Services

All are welcome at Rezonate Wellness Centre

GUARANTEEED Pain Relief in the first session; Food/Nutrition & Epigenetic TestingSupplement TestingMental & Emotional HealthSound Healing;  Spiritual Services;  Stress ManagementClasses/Workshops, Distant & Online services and a private Infrared Sauna for up to two people.



MOPA Rife Machine
Rife Generator

RIFE Technology is NOW Available

RIFE technology, developed by Royal Rife in THE 1950’s, uses resonant frequency as healing. 

Everything in our world vibrates including water, glass, metal, wood, and more-so, microbes in the body that Royal Rife found to be at the root of many conditions.

In a similar way that some singers can shatter a glass by matching its’ resonant frequency by singing a certain tone and volume, imagine being able to match the resonant frequency of any unwanted condition, diseasebacteria, virus or fungus, and play it a frequency until it shatters and disappears from the body?

This simplified illustration describes the theory of how RIFE technology works.

NEW - Loyalty Points Program

Loyalty is extremely important to us, as not only does that mean you like our Rezonate Wellness Centre, but that you gain value from our classes or services. 

We are delighted to be able to REWARD your loyalty by giving you points for popular participating Treatments, Services and Classes.  

100 points are allocated to most 1 hour treatments.

250 points result in a $25 voucher that you can use towards your next treatment or save for later. 

Loyalty Program
2.5 hours of our services can result in a $25 voucher

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Online and Distant Services

We offer many online and distant services, wherever you are in the world.

Sound Healing;  Spiritual Services;  Mental & Emotional Health; Frequency Readings, and Animal Communication 

Please NotePayment must be received prior to these appointments taking place.


Book Online or In-Person – Includes a FREE recording


A brand new method of reading using frequency, sound and vibration.

This unique modality, created by Debby with over 45 years experience as a reader, is unlike any reading you have had before.  

You will receive both a READING and CLEARING that provides information and clears energy blockages to allow positive change to occur.

NEW - Visit Our Shop

Visit our NEW shop and browse our (as yet small) selection of FREE downloads containing Sound Healing and Instructional Videos.

PLUS the ability to purchase our award winning children’s books.

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You Tube Video’s

Emotional First Aid

Our mini-series on our Top 5 techniques we feel are important to place in your self-help Emotional First Aid Kit.   

These can help with overwhelm, stress or anxiety during challenging times.

A Calming Technique for Children

Tapping can work very well for children and give them a coping mechanism during difficult times. 

This Putting On Your Disguise tap-along video was developed with our grandchildren.  We hope your children enjoy it too. 


Our classroom is available for public hire. 

New events are continually being added, hosted by others and Rezonate Wellness Centre.

Did you know that you can now earn Loyalty Points for attending some events?  

If you would like to host your event with us and have your event listed here get in touch

Our Wellness Library

With over 200 pre-loved books, DVDs, Oracle Cards, and Video’s  

Our titles are available to loan, free of charge, for 2 weeks.  We do ask for prompt return though please as we only have one of each title and others may be wanting to borrow it. 

We are also open to receiving your pre-loved Wellness titles and giving them a home in our library if you no longer need them.  Pop by and pick up your title, or drop some off for our library and let someone else enjoy them.


Ascension Through The Chakras – Weekend Day Retreat

16/17 Lindale Village, Lindale Drive, Paraparaumu 16/17 Lindale Village, Paraparaumu, Wellington

A powerful experiential weekend that awakens and ascends through the chakras to take you on a journey through your personal inner world to culminate in a powerful spiritual experience.

Currently full Free – $165.00

Creativity for Wellbeing – Fun and Interactive Classes ($35/class or $190/all six)

16/17 Lindale Village, Lindale Drive, Paraparaumu 16/17 Lindale Village, Paraparaumu, Wellington

Designed for adults from 18 - 80 (or beyond) who would like to have fun in a creative environment. Take time out to explore being creative for wellbeing while bringing fun and balance into your life within guided creative activities. No artistic skills need (NB: these are not art classes)


Foundational Singing for Toning & Chanting – 6 week workshop

16/17 Lindale Village, Lindale Drive, Paraparaumu 16/17 Lindale Village, Paraparaumu, Wellington

This 6 week course will cover foundational aspects of singing, to allow you to free and strengthen your voice.  There will be a focus on toning and creating soundscapes. The classes are not about performing, they are to help you find your own voice in a safe, supported and nurturing environment.


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