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Now, more than ever we are forced to consider our inner and outer Wellness as people look for alternative options.

We  are proud to offer a comprehensive list of in person, distant or online treatments, by appointment, so you do not event have to leave your home to benefit from these powerful services.

Available By Appointment. Each service belongs to one or more of the following Service Categories

  • Wellness Checks
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Management
  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Sound Healing
  • Spiritual Services
  • Online/Distant Services – Worldwide
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Blood Pressure Check

A FREE service

We will invite you into a private room to sit quietly for a moment before we take your blood pressure reading as of that moment in time.

If required, we can write the reading on a form for you to hand to your medical practitioner.

Ideally please make a 15 minute appointment as we cannot guarantee drop in appointments.

IMPORTANT:  We do not give advice or opinions on the reading

Blood pressure check
Blood Pressure Reading

ServicesWellness Checks

Temperature Check

Infrared thermometer
No Contact Infrared Thermometer

Services:  Wellness Checks

A FREE service

Using our no contact, infrared thermometer we take your temperature by directing the light onto your skin (not your forehead). This provides an accurate reading with no need to touch the body. 

This device measures the infrared rays emitting from the body, and are safe to use for adults and children.  The reading can be written on a form for you to hand to your medical practitioner. 

Ideally please make a 15 minute appointment as we cannot guarantee drop in appointment.

IMPORTANT: We do not give advice or opinions on the reading.

Food Intolerance / Nutrition Testing

Cell Wellbeing – Epigenetic Hair Follicle Analysis

Assessing your epigenetics for vitamins, parasites and viruses, nutrition, toxins,  antioxidants, microbiology, minerals, fatty acids, EFA and EMF (radiation), as well as system supports including adrenals, digestion, brain health, circulation, and emotions to help unlock your epigenetic potential

This covers over 800 nutritional and environmental markers within a 30+ page report and a 90 day wellness check and FREE consultation to analyse the results.  Your report is received within 5 working days.

This can be invaluable in assisting with dietary and nutritional choices as well as influencing other lifestyle and environmental decisions.

Using the hair bulb, the only part of the hair that is alive. It feeds from the blood vessels that bring information and nutrients from the system, which are used as an accurate measure for Cell Wellbeing.

Services:  Wellness Check

Leading edge technology that helps you make informed decisions to achieve Optimum Wellness

Cell Wellness
Cell Wellbeing Indicators

Your Report includes

Nine wellness categories covering more than 800 indicators

  • Food intolerances and food additives to avoid
  • Vitamins x 16 most common
  • Minerals x 16 most common
  • Essential Fatty Acids x 6
  • Antioxidant x 13 groups
  • Amino Acids x 23
  • Toxins – Chemicals, Radiation, Toxic Metals
  • Microbiology – Bacteria, Fungus
  • Mould/Spores, Parasites, Virus
  • Electro Smog EMF & ELF x 14 major categories
  • A 90 day wellness plan
  • A 40 minute consultation to review the findings

ServicesWellness Checks

Standard Food Intolerance Test

Discover your food Intolerances

This test is for food intolerances only and is completed via a small hair sample (not the hair follicle) sent to an external laboratory for analysis. 

It tests for over 280 of the most common foods and environmental substances that may be affecting your vitality and wellbeing.  Test are also conducted for some New Zealand foods and substances such as Kumara, Golden and Green Kiwifruit, Feijoa, NZ pollens, Pipi, Tua Tua, Kahawai, Tarakihi etc.

When you receive your results, we can further work with you to develop a lifestyle plan to put you on the path to optimum wellness.

Standard Intolerance Test

Services:  Wellness Checks

Test results are within around 10 working days.

Optimum Food Intolerance Test

Standard Intolerance test plus Vitamin, Mineral deficiencies, Heavy Metals and Chemical Sensitivities.

This is completed via a small hair sample (not the hair follicle) which is sent to an external laboratory for analysis. 

This comprehensive Optimum Test includes food sensitivity testing with additional testing for nutritional imbalances, toxins and pathogens. This test gives you a personal insight into specific toxins or pathogens that are affecting your body, health and wellbeing.

It includes testing New Zealand specific foods and substances such as Kumara, Golden and Green Kiwifruit, Feijoa, NZ pollens, Pipi, Tua Tua, Kahawai, Tarakihi etc., plus vitamin, mineral deficiencies, heavy metal and chemical sensitivities.

When you receive your results, we can further work with you to develop a lifestyle plan to put you on the path to optimum wellness.

Services:  Wellness Checks

Test results are within around 10 working days.

Supplement Testing

Supplement/Food Testing

Services:  Wellness Checks


Please bring your supplements with you. A maximum of 12 supplements can be tested within a 45 minute appointment

Maximise the effectiveness of your supplements 

Supplements can be more, or less, effective when combined with others.  Most people will take them in the morning, but is that what your body needs?

Discover if you are you taking them at the right time of day and in the right combination, for you personally.  

Your body knows what it needs & when.  Using Kinesiology (muscle testing) we can unlock the answers and maximise the body’s return on your investment.

  • Instant results
  • Safe and effective
  • No needles
  • No hair analysis

Pain Relief


pain relief within your first 1 hour appointment

These leading edge treatments for pain management are designed to provide quick and lasting relief, where all else has had limited effect or failed.

The treatments focus on the inflammation, knowns to be the root cause of pain, and helps the body to naturally dispurse it to provide rapid pain relief.

Working with both a SCENAR, a bio-feedback device that reacts to the  changing impulses in response to the reaction from the body.   The SCENAR also provides direct therapeutic effects, and aids to activate the natural immune defense; plus…

VFRT – Vibrational Fascial Release using weighted tuning forks and specific techniques at targeted areas for reducing inflammation. 

Scenar Pro

 Used for delivering non-invasive therapeutic treatment on the skin to regulate physiologic systems of the body in order to relieve and manage different pain-related pathologies.

Weighted Tuning Forks
Weighted Tuning Forks

A unique service to Rezonate Wellness Centre and New Zealand


Pain Relief;  Sound Healing

These treatments are suitable for almost all type of pain
  • Chronic or Acute pain
  • All Back Pain / Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck, Shoulders / Rotator Cuff 
  • Headaches / Migraines / Sinus
  • Knees / Hips / Ankles
  • Injuries; sports or accidents
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • CRPS 

NOTE:  Rezonate Wellness Centre does not diagnoses any conditions.  Always consult with your medical practitioner

* Guarantee means that pain relief will be obtained within your first one hour appointment.  Relief could be in any part of the body, as the cause is not always where the pain is.  Relief does not mean that the issue will be fixed.  

Payment upon leaving is taken as having met this guarantee. 

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Services:  Infrared Sauna; Pain Relief’ Stress Management

A private cabin for 2 people with soothing sounds and lights for 20 or 40 minutes. Concession cards available

How to use the Sauna

There a number of things you can do for a more enjoyable experience.

  • Drink a glass of water before your session and bring water into the sauna. Alcohol is not allowed.
  • Select your temperature. If you are new to infrared saunas start with a lower temperature and work up. You do not need to sweat it out to receive the benefits.
  • Start with less time. The average time is 20 minutes, the longest session is 40 minutes. 
  • What to wear? Our policy is no nudity, so underwear a bathing suit or gym wear is convenient.  
  • Relax, read a book, listen to music, but do not go to sleep.

After the session, let your body cool down and drink plenty of water.

If you have any health concerns such as high blood pressure, heart problems or are under medical care, we recommend that you consult with your medical doctor before using.  

Relax, Rejuvenate and Restore

An infrared sauna heats the body, not the air, which allows you to breathe more easily in the cabin while enjoying the benefit of heat to aid with pain relief, relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared lamps warm your body core directly, before warming the air. It can be similar to sitting next to a warm cosy fire.  As heat penetrates more deeply than warmed air, this allows you to experience a more intense sweat at a lower temperature, should you need to.  

Far infrared heat is totally safe, in fact, this heat is so safe that is it used in hospitals to keep newborns warm.  You are in control of the temperature, music and lighting from within the cabin.  The temperature is typically set between 40-65 degrees Celsius

The warming effect on your body has been known to stimulate your cardiovascular system, immune system and lymphatic system.


  • relief from sore muscles
  • relief from joint pain
  • clear and tighter skin
  • improved circulation
  • relaxation
  • detoxification

For maximum benefits it is recommended to use the sauna two to three times per week.

Contraindications: Some may feel lightheaded when standing up, so make sure you get up slowly and sit down when leaving the sauna.  Drink water immediately after your session.

Do NOT use if:

  • you are at risk of blood clots
  • you’ve been drinking alcohol
  • feel ill or have a fever
  • are pregnanct 
  • within 1 hour of a big meal
  • are aged 16 or under

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Energy Psychology with NLP

Effectively change your emotional response 

EFT has successfully been used for numerous situations and conditions for almost 30 years.   It is often referred to as Tapping, however, the two are quite different, EFT uses tapping, as do many other modalities and Tapping does not consider emotional aspects.

It has successfully been used to treat and support: 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Fears
  • Confidence
  • Bullying 

and much more!

EFT is becoming strongly backed by real science, and is considered to be one of the best self-help tools in the world. These treatments are empowered with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is the safe use of language or images to make rapid change. 

Tapping has been proven to calm the nervous system in times of stress, and has the ability to rapidly change your emotional response to situations

It is excellent for working with situations or events that you would rather not revisit or talk about.  

Tapping on the side of the hand


Stress Management;  Emotional Health;  Online/Distant;  Sound Healing

Children love Tapping,  It can safely be used in time of school stressors or incidents of bullying. 

Tapping is easily learned. EFT, however, requires in depth training.  

Training for both takes place within Rezonate Wellness Centre.

Metaphysical Coaching Program


Stress Management;  Emotional Health;  Online/Distant

Service can include: Energy Psychology, Inner/Outer Child Work, Shadow Work, Soul Retrieval, Connection with Other Dimensions, Intuitive Guidance, Past Life-Ancestral Life Clearing, and our Manifesting Your Best Life program, along with exercises to raise your vibration, and more.

This powerful program is over 8 weeks

For those who are serious about personal transformation

Unique to Rezonate Wellness Centre, this in-depth holistic approach designed to target the root cause of imbalances to safely dissolve lifetimes of suffering and create long lasting change.

Looking at life from the soul level, we provide guidance through powerful techniques that allows you to connect with higher consciousness energy.

  • We may identify hidden beliefs and create new, more empowering ones.
  • Discover how to harness the full Law of Attraction
  • Manifest through the power of gratitude and appreciation
  • How to heal using your body’s built in guidance system

This may assist to: – 

  • Create inner awareness
  • Raise your personal vibration
  • Provide clarity of thought and vision
  • Bring peace to the soul
  • Achieve your dreams

Sound Healing

The medicine of the future

Sound Healing can work with any mental or emotional condition, including Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Fears and much more. 

On the basis that each condition has a specific frequency pattern that can be detected using vibrational instruments. These instruments help to smooth or dissolve the disruptive sound wave, which means that the condition may not affect you as much, or at all.

This is a generic Sound Healing session where we determine what is needed at the appointment.

This can be a very private,  No Talk treatment where no personal information needs to be divulged, yet deep clearing can still happen.

Sound Healing


Sound Healing;  Spiritual Services;  Emotional Health;  

This method is unique to Rezonate Wellness Centre

Rife Frequency Technology

Support for many chronic conditions

RIFE technology was developed by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1950’s and uses resonant frequency.

Based on the fact that everything in our world vibrates including water, glass, metal, and also microbes in our body that Rife found to be at the root of many conditions.

In a similar way that singers can shatter a glass by matching its’ resonant frequency by sounding a certain tone and volume, Rife discovered that, by matching and playing back the resonant frequency of an unwanted  conditiondiseasebacteriavirus or fungus, it would shatter and disappear from the body?

This simplified illustration describes the theory of how RIFE technology works.

Depending upon your condition and severity, it is likely that  a series of treatments will be needed, the number will depend on your response to the treatment.

Appointment times can very depending on your condition. They will start from 1 hour upwards.  We will need to know the details of your conditions prior to your appointment. It is likely that other considerations will be taken into account such as your diet and lifestyle etc. 

MOPA Rife Machine


Rife Frequency; Sound Healing; Pain Relief

Read about Royal Rifes cancer story here 

Although every care is taken using Rife technology, you agree to do so at your own choice and risk.  We do not diagnose, and always recommend consulting with your own medical practitioner for all conditions

Do not expect the same results as others when you learn about the success with Rife.  There are many variables as to why some people get well, and some do not. 

Personal Sound Bath

The ultimate in deep relaxation and de-stressing 

Ultimate Sound Bath


Stress Management;  Sound Healing;  Spiritual Services

Laying on a comfortable treatment bench you will be carried away by the sound, frequency & vibration of many powerful instruments as they are played around and over you. 

Instruments can include crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, tuning forks, drums and other instruments. 

This session is purposefully designed to calm your central nervous system, switch off your mind to allow you to let everything go and deeply relax. 

The sounds helps to create Theta and Gamma brainwave states which means that you are in a semi-dream like state, yet aware of your surroundings. 

Each experience is different, some see colours, feel sensations in their body, journey to other places or simply drift away.

Regardless, everyone (so far) has felt their stress melt away and had a peaceful nights sleep.

Frequency Reading with Clearing


Sound Healing;  Spiritual Services; Distant/Online Services

This service is unique to Rezonate Wellness Centre

Client testimonials have been outstanding 

Re-writing oracle card readings, using sound, frequency & vibration

These readings quickly give a depth of vision and clarity to situations with the additional benefit of clearing stuck patterns as the sound, frequency and vibration work with your Resonant Energy Field. 

The sound instrument transfers information to the reader via your holographic resonance vibration, by way of information and insights relative to your question.  

Appointments can be either In Person or Online, there  is no need for you to video.  Each comes with a FREE recording of your reading.

A breakthrough in oracle card readings

Holographic Dimensional Healing 

For past, ancestral, dimensional healing or revealing life patterns with enlightenment.

This powerful service is unique to Rezonate Wellness Centre 

Using sound, frequency and vibration to access information held within your holographic resonance field.  This modality can work with any condition manifesting as Physical, Spiritual, Mental or Emotional aspects.

This can include life patterns, habits, likes, dislikes or beliefs; or any area that is causing you distress or dis-ease in any way; or perhaps you are simply curious about past life/ancestral information.  Ancestral includes that considered to be generational, cellular memory or  hereditary. 

Once identified, these disturbances can then be cleared, which means that your response to these events are likely to change and that they may not be passed onto future generations, breaking generational patterns, which can allow for peace of mind and ease with yourself and the opportunity to welcome in more happiness.    

These in-depth treatments are done from a safe place of love and compassion, and only bring through learnings and clearings.  It is not mediumship or clairvoyance in any way.

To find out more, listen to the explanation video. 

Available in person and distant. with a FREE audio recording  


Sound Healing; Spiritual Services; Online/Distant Services

Shamanic Healing 

Connect with your spirit animal

This very powerful and unique modality has been gifted to Ron who calls through his Native American Chief to work together within sacred space, offering guided energy healing while inviting your Spirit or Totem animal to step forward to convey its’ messages to you.  

These message can be a catalyst for profound insight, guidance, and positive change.

Shamanic inspired instruments are used, such as a Native American drum that deeply vibrates the cells in your body, along with rattles and shakers. 

The benefits are a powerful deep cleansing, relaxing and healing experience. 

This service is unique to Rezonate Wellness Centre.


Sound Healing;  Spiritual Services; Online/Distant Services; Stress Management

Sensory Sound Healing Experience 

Immerse all your senses

Created just for Rezonate Wellness Centre

This immersive experience will have you losing track of time, space and perhaps reality as you lay on the most comfortable treatment bench, topped with a luxurious (fake) sheepskin with memory foam cover and pillow. 

In a darkened room you will wear soft noise cancelling headphones, as you listen to specific music for relaxation,  calming the mind, anxiety, worries, fears or spiritual journeys where the music is specifically selected for your needs.

Watch our stunning galaxies float by or wear a pure silk eye mask while being carried away by the sounds.

20 minutes,  40 minutes or 60 minute sessions



Sound Healing; Spiritual Services; Stress Management




Spiritual Services; Online/Distant Services; Stress Management

Safe, natural and simple

Reiki is a natural, safe and simple form of energy healing that involves the placement of hands on  or above specific points of the body with the intention of universal Reiki energy flowing through the hands into your body to encourage the body to self-heal. 

More than 60 hospitals in the USA have adopted Reiki and it is commonly being used in clinical environments across the world.

Reiki has been used as a distant healing treatment for decades.

This service can be in person or distant.

Spiritual Guidance

Life purpose or direction

This unique services consists of a series of three appointments where we work with you to achieve spiritual growth, meaning, direction or purpose.

Services will include reading, coaching, exercises and identifying & clearing blocks .   

All guidance is conducted within a  high vibrational frequency of love and compassion. 

This can be In-Person or Online



Spiritual Services; Online/Distant Services

Animal Communication 


Online/Distant Services

This is an Online/Distant Service only, where payment must be received prior to the appointment taking place.

What your pet wants you to know

Our pets contribute to our personal wellness.  If they are sick or distressed, so are we. 

Animal communicators are trained to tune in and connect energetically to your animal and convey their messages.

Through the art of animal communication you will come to understand their concerns, how or why they are behaving in such a way and what they need, from your or their surroundings, to make positive change.   

This information can also be beneficial at times of sickness.

This services is available for all types of animal. You will be amazed at what they can tell you. 

A photograph and name of your pet is all that is required. 


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